React Advanced for Team Leads & Managers

Would you like your developers to skill up in React and become more efficient at what they do? Help them attend React Advanced in 2022. Your company will profit in many ways with your employees’ newly gained knowledge, motivation, and network.

React Advanced brings together 800+ international React experts in London, both on stage and within its audience. Attendees get to learn from them not only during talks, but also during breaks and associated events.

With a full ticket, your developers will gain access to:

  • 60+ talks
  • 10+ complimentary workshops
  • Extended program with extra events
  • Networking with speakers and industry professionals
  • Certification upon event or course completion

Connecting, chatting, and learning from top-notch talent in the industry can be incredibly inspiring. Your devs will be surrounded by a diverse group of people who have created and maintain the React ecosystem and who work on resolving problems your devs have encountered. Your team members can return motivated and eager to apply their new learnings.

On top of that, they can:

  • Speed up the existing processes
  • Fill their knowledge gaps
  • Improve their code quality
  • Share key take-aways with the rest of the team
  • Write a report on the company blog
Sounds good? Help your developers to grow, and encourage them improve their skillset!

Sponsoring React Advanced

In case your company provides a service or a product that is relevant to web and fullstack developers, you can show your presence at React Advanced as a sponsor with a dedicated booth. React Advanced sponsorships include complimentary tickets to the event and a variety of perks.

As a sponsor, you can:

  • Promote your product or service in a short workshop
  • Raise awareness for your brand
  • Get direct feedback from your users and gain new ones
  • Show that your company cares about its community
  • Recruit new employees
Enquire about sponsorship

We at Kontent by Kentico are proud to sponsor and be a part of React Advanced. The whole team behind the conference is helpful, responsive, and makes the cooperation really effective and seamless.

Ondrej Polesny

Developer Evangelist at Kentico Software

React Advanced is the premier European React & software event of the year. The venue, organizers, & presentations are all top-notch. This is one of the only must-attend events marked on my calendar.

Nader Dabit

Developer Relations Engineer at Edge & Node

Thanks for having us and taking care of everything. The conference was great, talks thoroughly enjoyable and we had some great traffic to the booth. And the staff at React Advanced and JS Nation visibly work hard at ensuring a successful event for everyone involved.

Danyel Zisman

Tech Recruiter at DAZN

React Advanced and React Summit are the great conferences for meeting highly capable React engineers.

Jani Eväkallio

VP on Engineering, Formidable