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20-22, 2021
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Are you into React, React Native, GraphQL, or Reason and hungry to learn from the best?

The React ecosystem and community have grown drastically in the past few years, and so did the complexity of web and JavaScript app development. It's highly recommended to take this journey with the help of others – so connect with the global network of field experts and explore the framework!

Engineers of any level are welcome but be prepared for hardcore.

The React Advanced conference is brought to you by the organizers of React Summit and FocusReactive experts. This year, the format of the event will be hybrid, meaning you'll get a chance to join in remotely or in person.



Patterns, React Native, GraphQL, Design Systems, TypeScript, Reason


Expert level talks

Our curated lineup of speakers will address the most complex and interesting cases and challenges in React.

Advice lounge

Meet domain experts and community leaders one-on-one to address your problems and get personalized advice on the challenges you’re facing.

React Native



React Query


We will rock the whole block

The Brewery is a premier corporate venue in the City of London occupying the site of the former Whitbread brewery.

The Brewery

52 Chiswell Street
London – EC1Y 4SD

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The city on the edge of tomorrow

Home to thousands of startups, many of the world's largest tech companies, and more tech "unicorns" than any other European city, London is the perfect setting for a stimulating weekend of talks and workshops. Get ready to learn, be inspired, and connect with other React developers and enthusiasts in one of the world's fastest-growing tech hubs.

Main Hall
The London Eye
Big Ben


October 20-21

Take full advantage of your conference experience, and get training from our best speakers and instructors. We'll cover Patterns, React Native, GraphQL, Design Systems, TypeScript, Reason, while allocating enough time for practice. The program will be announced soon.

Giving back to community

When we launched our first event five years ago, we never imagined we would welcome up to 70,000 attendees at our events and organize multiple spin-offs in Europe. Our secret? We welcome people from all walks of life in our community. We are a proud partner of initiatives like Women Who Code, Unicorns in Tech, Rails Girls, Codebar, She Codes, She Can Code, Pioneras, Czechitas, Women Go Tech, Codette, and countless others, and we’ve given away more than 1,000 scholarships for our events.

We know that supporting diversity inside and outside of IT takes more than mere statements, which is why our diversity scholarship programs are a key part of every conference we organize.

In addition to our self-funded tickets pool, we're actively working with partner companies to sponsor more diversity scholarship tickets. Help make the React community a better place – support our scholarship programme!

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