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Workshops at React Advanced Conference

On October 24, we'll be hosting workshops targeted at React newcomers and hardcore fans alike. Make the most of your conference experience by supplementing your visit with trainings from our best speakers and trainers.

All trainings start at 9:00 (with doors opening at 8:30) and continue until 17:00. The trainings will be hosted at a separate location. The address will be added closer to the workshops.

The workshops listed below are not included in conference ticket and should be bought separately. We'll be happy to provide a 10% discount in case you buy 3+ workshop tickets. Just email us at [email protected].

  • Advanced React

    React 19 added new capabilities with a lot of focus on form handling and React Server Components (RSC). In this workshop we will explore the new APIs, discuss the benefits and highlight the potential pitfalls to give you a head start for using these new features in your applications.

    In order to get a deep understanding of these new APIs we will explore the following topics:

    • React Server Components introduction including how client/server boundaries behave
    • React Server Components pitfalls (e.g. data leaks, initial render)
    • New & newish hooks: use(Promise|Context), useActionState, useFormStatus, useOptimistic, useTransition, useDeferredValue
    • Getting the most out of React leveraging Suspense

    The workshop is split into several modules. Each of them starts with a 20 min presentation, 30-50 min coding session and is followed by a 10 min retrospective. The last session will be reserved for topics you might be interested in.


Nik Graf
Serenity, Austria

Nik is the founder of Serenity and is passionate about cryptography, CRDTs, GraphQL and React. He co-created several popular open source projects like DraftJS Plugins and Polished and participated in Stripe’s Open Source Retreat. In his spare-time he enjoys ski touring, cycling and organising the ReactJS Vienna meetup.

We guarantee

  • Modern training courses from first-class industry experts
  • Small-sized groups for maximum individual attention
  • A focus on practical exercises to promote learning by doing
  • Our friendly team on-hand to answer your questions

If you are a developer

Whether you are looking for skills to help you level up at work, get a promotion, or make yourself more competitive in the job market, our full-day workshops taught by industry experts are designed to get you there. Training in the fastest-growing JavaScript frameworks will make you a developer in demand, opening the door to new and exciting career opportunities. Learn to unleash the full potential of React and React Native and see for yourself!

If you are a business owner

Investing just eight hours in your employees’ development can result in a substantial improvement in performance. Let’s say 10 of your engineers attend a full-day workshop. In the next year, they will put in approximately 20,000 hours of work for your company. If, after the workshop, their performance improves by only 1%, your organization will have gained 200 hours of work in return. That's an impressive outcome for just one day of training!