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The workshops below are the complimentary part of Full Tickets.

They will be run remotely via Zoom. The recordings of most workshops will be shared with full ticket holders after the conference.

All Full Ticket holders can register for workshops via GitNation portal but first need to create an account there with an email connected to the conference ticket.

  • Effective Detox Testing

    So you’ve gotten Detox set up to test your React Native application. Good work! But you aren’t done yet: there are still a lot of questions you need to answer. How many tests do you write? When and where do you run them? How do you ensure there is test data available? What do you do about parts of your app that use mobile APIs that are difficult to automate? You could sink a lot of effort into these things—is the payoff worth it?

    In this three-hour workshop we’ll address these questions by discussing how to integrate Detox into your development workflow. You’ll walk away with the skills and information you need to make Detox testing a natural and productive part of day-to-day development.

    Table of contents

    • Deciding what to test with Detox vs React Native Testing Library vs manual testing
    • Setting up a fake API layer for testing
    • Getting Detox running on CI on GitHub Actions for free
    • Deciding how much of your app to test with Detox: a sliding scale
    • Fitting Detox into you local development workflow


    • Familiarity with building applications with React Native
    • Basic experience with Detox
    • Machine setup: a working React Native CLI development environment including either Xcode or Android Studio

    Workshop schedule & location

    Date & time: October 25, 15:00-18:00 BST. Remote via Zoom.

  • React Server Components Unleashed: A Deep Dive into Next-Gen Web Development

    Get ready to supercharge your web development skills with React Server Components! In this immersive, 3-hour workshop, we'll unlock the full potential of this revolutionary technology and explore how it's transforming the way developers build lightning-fast, efficient web applications.

    Join us as we delve into the exciting world of React Server Components, which seamlessly blend server-side rendering with client-side interactivity for unparalleled performance and user experience. You'll gain hands-on experience through practical exercises, real-world examples, and expert guidance on how to harness the power of Server Components in your own projects.

    Throughout the workshop, we'll cover essential topics, including:

    • Understanding the differences between Server and Client Components
    • Implementing Server Components to optimize data fetching and reduce JavaScript bundle size
    • Integrating Server and Client Components for a seamless user experience
    • Strategies for effectively passing data between components and managing state
    • Tips and best practices for maximizing the performance benefits of React Server Components

    Workshop level

    No matter your current level of React expertise, this workshop will equip you with the knowledge and tools to take your web development game to new heights. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and master the cutting-edge technology that's changing the face of web development. Sign up now and unleash the full power of React Server Components!

    Workshop schedule & location

    Date & time: October 26, 15:00-18:00 BST. Remote via Zoom.

  • Working With OpenAI and Prompt Engineering for React Developers

    In this workshop we'll take a tour of applied AI from the perspective of front end developers, zooming in on the emerging best practices when it comes to working with LLMs to build great products. This workshop is based on learnings from working with the OpenAI API from its debut last November to build out a working MVP which became PowerModeAI (A customer facing ideation and slide creation tool).

    In the workshop they'll be a mix of presentation and hands on exercises to cover topics including:

    • GPT fundamentals
    • Pitfalls of LLMs
    • Prompt engineering best practices and techniques
    • Using the playground effectively
    • Installing and configuring the OpenAI SDK
    • Approaches to working with the API and prompt management
    • Implementing the API to build an AI powered customer facing application
    • Fine tuning and embeddings
    • Emerging best practice on LLMOps

    Workshop schedule & location

    Date & time: October 30, 15:00-18:00 BST. Remote via Zoom.

  • React Performance Debugging Masterclass

    Ivan’s first attempts at performance debugging were chaotic. He would see a slow interaction, try a random optimization, see that it didn't help, and keep trying other optimizations until he found the right one (or gave up).

    Back then, Ivan didn’t know how to use performance devtools well. He would do a recording in Chrome DevTools or React Profiler, poke around it, try clicking random things, and then close it in frustration a few minutes later. Now, Ivan knows exactly where and what to look for. And in this workshop, Ivan will teach you that too.

    Here’s how this is going to work. We’ll take a slow app → debug it (using tools like Chrome DevTools, React Profiler, and why-did-you-render) → pinpoint the bottleneck → and then repeat, several times more. We won’t talk about the solutions (in 90% of the cases, it’s just the ol’ regular useMemo() or memo()). But we’ll talk about everything that comes before – and learn how to analyze any React performance problem, step by step.

    (Note: This workshop is best suited for engineers who are already familiar with how useMemo() and memo() work – but want to get better at using the performance tools around React. Also, we’ll be covering interaction performance, not load speed, so you won’t hear a word about Lighthouse 🤐)

    Workshop schedule & location

    Date & time: October 31, 15:00-18:00 BST. Remote via Zoom.

  • Fetch, useEffect, React Query, SWR, what else?

    In this workshop, first, we’ll go over the different ways you can consume APIs in React. Then, we’ll test each one by fetching content from a headless CMS (with both REST and GraphQL) and checking in detail how they work.

    While there is no advanced React knowledge required, this is going to be a hands-on session, so you’ll need to clone a preconfigured GitHub repository and utilize your preferred React programming editor, like VS Code.

    You will learn:

    • What diverse data fetching options there are in React
    • What are advantages and disadvantages of each
    • What are the typical use cases and when each strategy is more beneficial than others

    Workshop schedule & location

    Date & time: October 12, 15:00-18:00 BST. Remote via Zoom.

  • Building High-Performance Online Stores with Shopify Hydrogen and Remix

    I. Introduction

    • Overview of Shopify Hydrogen and Remix
    • Importance of headless e-commerce and its impact on the industry

    II. Setting up Shopify Hydrogen

    • Installing and setting up Hydrogen with Remix
    • Setting up the project structure and components

    III. Creating Collections and Products

    • Creating collections and products using Hydrogen’s React components
    • Implementing a Shopping Cart
    • Building a shopping cart using Hydrogen’s built-in components

    VI. Building the home page with Storyblok

    • Cloning the space and explaining how it works
    • Implementing storyblok in the repo
    • Creating the Blok components
    • Creating the Shopify components
    • Implementing personalisation

    Workshop schedule & location

    Date & time: October 17, 15:00-18:00 BST. Remote via Zoom.

  • Monitoring 101 for React Developers

    If finding errors in your frontend project is like searching for a needle in a code haystack, then Sentry error monitoring can be your metal detector. Learn the basics of error monitoring with Sentry. Whether you are running a React, Angular, Vue, or just “vanilla” JavaScript, see how Sentry can help you find the who, what, when and where behind errors in your frontend project.

    Table of contents

    • Basics of front-end monitoring
    • Configuring source maps
    • Adding event context with custom tags
    • Setting up effective issue assignment and alerting
    • Connecting frontend and backend errors
    • Viewing video-like playbacks with Session Replay


    Be a React (or other frontend) developer. No monitoring experience necessary.

    Workshop level


    Workshop schedule & location

    Date & time: October 16, 16:00-18:00 BST. Remote via Zoom.


Full Info
Josh Justice

Josh Justice

Test Double, USA

Josh Justice has worked as a developer since 2004 across frontend, mobile, and backend platforms. As a consultant he collaborates with teams to help them deliver great apps by optimizing their tech stack and development practices. He also writes, speaks, and livestreams about React and React Native, testing, and software design.

Full Info
Maurice de Beijer

Maurice de Beijer

Independent Software Consultant and Trainer, Netherlands

Maurice de Beijer is an independent software consultant and trainer. He specializes in JavaScript, React, and ASP.NET Core. His work includes a large, global, safety application for the oil and gas industry. Maurice is also active in the open source community. He teaches ECMAScript, TypeScript, React, RxJS and ASP.NET courses. Since 2005, he has received Microsoft’s Yearly Most Valuable Professional Award. Maurice is also active in the Dutch dotNed user group and helps organize its meetings.

Full Info
Richard Moss

Richard Moss

National Grid, UK

An avid technologist, Richard has worked on a variety of projects with a diverse range of people, crossing technologies, languages, and continents. Now, Richard is a Principal Engineer at National Grid.

Passionate about teaching and sharing, he’s also a co-organizer of JavaScript London and was previously a senior coach at React GraphQL Academy helping professional devs take their skills to the next level.

Full Info
Ivan Akulov

Ivan Akulov

PerfPerfPerf, Netherlands

Ivan is a Google Developer Expert, web performance consultant, and full-stack software engineer. His web performance experience has helped clients like Google, Framer, Appsmith, and many more. He currently runs the web performance consulting agency PerfPerfPerf.

Outside of work, Ivan enjoys exploring modern art, discovering lesser-known electronic and techno artists, and obsessing over serif typefaces.

Full Info
Ondrej Polesny

Ondrej Polesny

Kontent.ai, Czech Republic

Ondrej is a Jamstack enthusiast focused mostly on React and Vue-based tools. As a Developer Evangelist at Kontent.ai, he constantly stays connected with in-house and partner developers, which brings him closer to many interesting digital projects built with various tools. Always interested in problems that everyone claims have no solution, Ondrej enjoys building the architecture of components or applications and figuring out how all parts fit together. He also creates videos and speaks at conferences and podcasts.

Full Info
Alexa Spalato

Alexa Spalato

Storyblok, Spain

Alexandra Spalato is a Developer Relations engineer at Storyblok.She was born and raised in France and lives now on the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca.While working as a freelance developer and entrepreneur, she decided to fully specialize in JAMstack.Her strong support of that technology and promotion to her clients led her to establish GatsbyWPThemes.As an advocate for headless architecture, she is now part of Storyblok, a company that best represents it.

Full Info
Lazar Nikolov

Lazar Nikolov

Sentry.io, Canada

Lazar is a generalist software engineer, who wrote his first app back in 2013 while he was in high school. He's currently a Developer Advocate at Sentry (sentry.io). He's loves to learn in public, live stream on YouTube, and create courses on Egghead. Designing and building UIs is his passion. He's the ultimate nerd, even his hobby is programming.

Full Info
Sarah Guthals

Sarah Guthals

Sentry, USA

Dr. Sarah Guthals is the Director of Developer Relations at Sentry. Previously she held roles at Microsoft, GitHub, and Coinbase, and was the CTO and Co-Founder of ThoughtSTEM, an EdTech startup. She has her PhD from UCSD in Computer Science with a focus on Computer Science Education

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