Our team is always striving to provide the best support to help you with any questions related to conference attendance and to make information more transparent and instantly accessible, we've started gathering most frequently asked questions on the page below.

If you can't find an answer to your question below - contact us via [email protected].


  • Is it possible to watch the live stream for free?

    The live stream is available for Multipass, Watch-Only ticket & Full tickets holders. Also, you can e-mail us if you'd like to upgrade your Watch-only ticket to a Remote Full ticket.

  • Can I attend Hybrid Day in person for free if I’m a Gitnation Multipass holder?

    No, but you can contact us here to upgrade your ticket and get a discount to attend the event in-person.

  • If I don’t have a GitNation Multipass, how can I participate in the React Advanced London 2021?

    Just check our Remote Full ticket and Hybrid Full Ticket options and choose the suitable one.

  • What does the Remote Watch-only ticket include?

    • Access to live-streamed talks on both days, both tracks
    • Instant access to talk recordings
    • Access to workshops recordings of this and previous events (no live participation)
    • Access to 8+ more other JS events with the Multipass
  • What does the Remote Full ticket include?

    • 10+ Free workshops
    • HD quality for both days, both tracks
    • Q&A with speakers
    • Interactive sessions with speakers
    • Technology discussion rooms
    • Watching party
    • AfterParty Bars
    • Conference Stickers & more sent to your home
    • Certificates on Workshops & Conference Participation
    • Instant Access to Talks Recordings
  • What does a Hybrid Full ticket include?

    All the features of remote full ticket + in-person activities on Oct 22, access to venue, afterparty.

  • Can you issue an invoice for my order?

    Yes, it is possible to pay via invoice. Please, send your company details to [email protected] and we will issue it for you:

    • company name;
    • company address;
    • VAT number.

    As soon as we receive the payment, we'll send you a promo-code to activate the tickets.

  • How can I change the name in my ticket?

    You can easily change the name in the ticket in your ti.to account. Just log in and edit the attendee information. Pay attention that only the ticket buyer can re-assign tickets.

  • If I can’t attend the conference, can I give the ticket to my friend/colleague?

    Yes, you can. Simply log in to your ti.to account and re-assign the ticket to this person. Pay attention that only a ticket buyer can re-assign tickets.

  • Do you provide refunds of Hybrid Day tickets and in-person Workshop tickets if it is not possible to attend due to COVID-19 restrictions?

    We understand that along the way, there might be obstacles for some attendees. We offer refunds in the following cases:

    1. You can no longer enter the United Kingdom due to covid-related policy changes;
    2. The in-person part get cancelled due to covid-related policy changes.

    Any attendee with a valid in-person ticket will be refunded the price difference between the in-person and the full-access remote ticket so that they can take part in the event online.

    Alternatively, the in-person ticket can be swapped for a full-access remote ticket and an annual GitNation Multipass, providing access to 7 additional remote events and tens of talk & workshop recordings from our past conferences.

    When requesting a refund, please contact us via the following form.

Covid Measures

  • Should I be fully vaccinated to participate in the conference in-person?

    You can either be fully vaccinated or bring proof of a recent negative PCR test. We crave the community reunion to become epic just like in the good old (pre-pandemic) days, but your safety and health first :) So please check our COVID-19 Measures & Policies before attending the event.

  • Is it mandatory to provide proof of vaccination or a recent negative test to attend the in-person part of the event on the 22nd of October?

    Yes, proof of vaccination or recent negative test will be checked upon entry to the venue.

  • What additional Covid safety measures will be offered?

    • Temperature checks will be performed during registration
    • Sanitizer dispenser stations will be available inside the venue
    • Masks will be offered at the registration desk


  • Where can I find all logistics and organisational information on how to connect, what the exact schedule is, etc.?

    You will get an email with all the information you’ll need at the conference about a week before the event. We will also add a link to the page with all organisational details to the website.

  • Where can I find the full schedule?

    Pay attention that remote & in-person schedules differ a bit (only tim-wise):

  • What is the timing of the conference?

    In-person: 8:00am - registration starts, 17:30 - the last talk ends, 19:30 - afterparty starts

    Remote: 1:30pm BST / 8:30am EST / 5:30am PST / 2:30pm CEST

  • Will there be a Q&A session after each talk?

    There will be a 10 minutes session right after each talk when the MC picks questions from the audience and asks them to the speaker.

    And after that there will be hybrid speaker rooms where both in-person and remote audience can communicate with the speakers.

  • How can I ask questions to the speakers during Managed Q&A?

    On October 22 all the questions - via sli.do. Use code #2225 to access our channel.

    On October 25 - via the Discord channel. The link to the channel will be shared in the organisational email.

  • How to communicate with other participants remotely?

    The main channels (Discord) will be created – the links to the channels will be sent in an organisational email before the conference.

    Also, there will be Spatial Chat rooms for discussions on different topics, attendees can also create separate watch parties with their colleagues and watch the conference together.

  • How to communicate with other participants in person?

    First of all, we suggest using personal protective equipment while communicating with other participants. Make sure to regularly wash your hands or use a hand sanitiser.

    To understand if a participant is open for contact, just check the colour of his/her badge lanyard. In case it is white - the person is likely to communicate, whereas it’s black - the attendee’s level of comfort with physical contact is low.

  • What after-party will include (in-person/remote)?

    For Remote participants, there will be a Frontend Feud show by JS Party podcast in which 2 teams of speakers will be competing. Also look out for numerous afterparty rooms with different hosts and activities from QuakeJS tournament to various chat rooms.

    For in-person attendees, we'll have a classic party with live creative coding show, drinks, foos and lots of fun!


  • How can I get to The Brewery on the 22nd of October by public transport?

    Underground & Rail

    • Barbican station - (5-minute walk) Circle, Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City and Thameslink.
    • Moorgate station - (5-minute walk) Circle, Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City, Northern, British Rail and Thameslink.
    • Bank station - (15-minute walk) Central, Northern and Waterloo & City.
    • Liverpool station - (15-minute walk) Circle, Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City, Central and mainline rail network.

    Bus A network of bus routes serves the local area. Please call London Transport on 020 7222 1234 for details of your best route.

  • Can I go to the venue by bicycle?

    Bicycle parking is available at the Brewery.

  • Are there any parking options near the venue?

    Convenient multi-storey NCP carparks located at:

    • Beech Street (8AM to Midnight every day);
    • Finsbury Square (24hrs, Mon-Sat);
    • London Wall (24hrs, Mon-Sat);
    • Aldersgate Street (24hrs, open every day).

Food & Beverage

  • Do you serve any food at the events?

    Yes, there will be breakfast, hot lunch and coffee breaks with home made cakes served at the conference, as well as during workshops.

    There will be vegan, gluten free & lactose free dishes, as well as meat & fish.

  • Do you have vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free options at the event and workshops?

    Yes, we have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free food for the conference. If you have an allergy that is not included in the above options, please let us know as soon as possible at [email protected].


  • How can I participate in workshops?

    Free Workshops workshops are the complementary part of Full Tickets (Remote Full ticket and Hybrid Full Ticket). They will be run remotely via Zoom. All Full Ticket holders will get an email with a code to register to these workshops. The recordings of most workshops will be shared with full ticket holders after the conference.

    As per Pro Workshops, they are not included in Full tickets and should be bought separately. The trainings that will take place on October 19-21 will be hosted in-person at a separate location, different from the conference venue (attendees will get information by email). The workshop on October 26-27 will be run remotely via Zoom.

  • What is the difference between Free and Pro workshops?

    As compared to Free one, Pro workshops will include:

    • More specific professional topics;
    • Small-sized groups for maximum individual reach;
    • A focus on practical exercises, so you'll learn by doing.
  • Where can I find all the prerequisites I need for a workshop?

    3-4 days before the workshop you’ll get an email with all the instructions: how to connect to the remote workshop, what to install in advance, what the schedule is, etc.

Discounts, diversity scholarship, etc.

  • Do you have any discounts for students?

    Yes, to get a discount we'll need confirmation that you are a student. Please share a copy or photo of your student ID via [email protected].

  • Do you provide any group discounts?

    Sure, in case you'd like to attend the event in a group of more than 4 people, please contact us directly, so we could provide you with a discount.

Discounts, diversity scholarship, etc.

  • Can I participate in a Hybrid Day in-person if I have a diversity ticket?

    Yes, the scholarship includes a free full access ticket which will provide access to all activities associated with the event except Pro workshops. It's possible to participate either 1) fully remotely on Oct 22 & 25 or 2) in-person on Oct 22 in London and remotely on Oct 25.

Technical questions

  • What to do if the stream, Spatial Chat room, Discord channel don’t work?

    Please contact us via #troubleshooting channel on Discord, the team’s contacts will be pinned to the channels.

  • Will I be able to charge my device during the in-person participation in the conference?

    Please, take your charger with you, there will be plenty of spaces to charge your devices.


  • Are there lifts/features for guests with disabilities in the venue for the in-person part of Oct 22?

    Yes. The venue has disabled access (including accessible lifts and disabled toilets) throughout the entire building to assist guests with physical disabilities as well as those guests who have visual and hearing impairments.

    Also, the city of London has an accessibility guide for people with disabilities. Here are the details.

Emergency contacts

  • What if I need any help during the in-person part of Hybrid Day?

    In case you need help or assistance, don’t hesitate to approach our crew - they’ll be wearing branded T-shirts.

    London Emergency Numbers for getting help from Police or reporting fire somewhere or to get an ambulance for yourself or some other patient are 112 and 999.


  • Can I join the conference as a volunteer?

    Yes, you can. Please, fill in this form to join our Volunteer Team. Also please be sure that you’re going to be available on the day of the event and the day before it.

  • Is there a special dress code for the in-person part of the conference?

    No :) The main criteria are your comfort and convenience.

  • We are a community/also a tech conference. Could we collaborate with your conference?

    Yes, of course! We’d be happy if you become our info-partner. Please, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you with all the information.

  • Will the talk recordings be available after the conference?

    The recordings will be available for Full ticket & Multipass (Watch-Only) holders right after the conference and in a month after the event for the whole community on GitNation Portal.